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Exam 2 review sheet

The list of topics to study for Exam 2 can be found here. Suggestion for studying: Compare notes with each other. Some of you have missed classes or came late … Continue reading

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NCC on the wire

The 2015 Intercollegiate Broadcasting System Production Awards ceremony was held in New York City yesterday and your colleague Sam attended. I’m so pleased to share NCC won the following first place awards: … Continue reading

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Schoolidarity: A documentary

On Monday, March 2, 2015, students can attend a free campus screening of Schoolidarity, a locally produced documentary about the Chicago Teacher’s Union strike of 2012 and the debate surrounding the … Continue reading

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Blog Buddy round 2 posted

Scores for Round 2 of Blog Buddies have been posted to Blackboard. Past experience indicates that some of these scores may not be accurate, as some comments awaiting moderation have … Continue reading

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Position paper and discussion group

A reminder that the second position paper is due to Blackboard by tonight at 11:59p. And very much looking forward to our discussion leaders for today: Nathaniel S. Maria F. … Continue reading

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Classroom tech readings

‘Apple’ for the teacher, get it? Meh. Probably not my best work. Please bring all readings related to classroom and technology to class today! See you soon.

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Survey about PR courses, activities, and career plans

Ever thought about taking a course or exploring a career in public relations? The Department of Communication at North Central College wants to get a sense of your willingness to … Continue reading

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Invisibilia reflection

As promised, I’m offering an optional paper assignment for 30 points involving a reflection on NPR’s Invisibilia episode “Our computers, Ourselves.” Details about the assignment can be found here. For those … Continue reading

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Live Tweet example

Some of you have had some questions about what a live tweet looks like. Here’s a funny one that might guide your tweets. My sense is the user is tweeting … Continue reading

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Start time delay

Wanted to give you a heads up that class might begin a bit late today, perhaps 5 minutes later than usual. Yours truly is judging a debate contest from 1:10 … Continue reading

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